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We are unique in the services we deliver, our structure and our subscription to services option.

Your subscription gives you:

  • Peace of mind that you have a personal assistant or concierge at hand for the selected period every month.
  • Up to the subscribed hours guaranteed every month.
  • Discounted hourly rate if you need extra time.

You can order services from for 1 hour to 6 hours per month. This subscription will renew on the same day every month. To subscribe simply select the length of your required regular service each month and click the Subscribe button.

Note: For Permaculture Consultancy Rates Please visit

Please See below for Terms & Conditions BEFORE subscribing. Click the Subscribe Button below your preferred option.

1 Hour Per Month (Maximum of 2 call outs each month) $35 ($35 p/h)


2 Hours Per Month (Maximum of 4 call outs each month) $66 ($33 p/h)


3 Hours Per Month (Maximum of 6 call outs each month) $93 ($31 p/h)


4 Hours Per Month (Maximum of 8 call outs each month) $116 ($29 p/h)


5 Hours Per Month (Maximum of 10 call outs each month) $135 ($27 p/h)


6 Hours Per Month (Maximum of 12 call outs each month) $150 ($25 p/h)


Subscription Terms & Conditions

  1. You are purchasing a monthly subscription. This will renew every month until you choose to cancel it.
  2. On renewal of subscription (monthly) excess hours from the previous month can rollover to the next (2nd) month. Excess hours from the first month will not roll over to the 3rd month but excess hours from the second month will roll over to the 3rd month – and so on. Roll over hours are in blocks of 30 minutes. Example: You purchase a 4 hour subscription but only use 3 hours in your first month. When your 4 hour subscription automatically renews you will have 5 hours available for the next month (1 hour from previous month + 4 hours for new subscription).
  3. IMPORTANT: If Lifestyle Home Services books a third party service on your behalf you will need to arrange payment for that service with the provider. Our fee is for searching for the appropriate trades person to do the job. If Lifestyle Home Services performs the requested service it will come out of your pre-paid credit. Services where we may need to book a third party provider include Electrical, Plumbing, Major Carpentry, etc. We will always tell you if we need to book someone else to do the job.
  4. You can cancel your subscription any time through PayPal.
  5. We can not offer refunds from cancelled subscriptions but we can leave service package open for 45 days for you to expire your subscription through exhausting the remaining work hours. After this time excess subscription will be forfeited.
  6. If you are Subscribing to the Home Business Assist package you will need to subscribe for a Personal account also if you wish to apply services for personal use. The Same rates apply.
  7. Business Subscribers will receive a Tax Invoice every month that they are subscribed.
  8. Rates for Permaculture Consultancy are available on the Permaculture Lifestyle Website.
  9. Services can only be applied to personal use and can not be transferred.
  10. Our Service area is Latrobe (& close surrounding area). If you live outside this area please contact us before subscribing to see if we can stretch to that area.