How It Works

We offer Micro Services on a Subscription basis. This enables us to provide you with a guaranteed number of hours each month. You are subscribing to:

  • A priority service
  • Peace of mind and security
  • A personal concierge
  • Value for money on a scale that reduces the more hours you subscribe to

Once you have subscribed to your preferred package (slick on “Subscribe” for package options) you can call us to book your first service or wait until you have a collection of small jobs to do.

Our minimum service length is 30 minutes.

For extra small jobs such as changing a light globe we recommend you think of something else we can help with while we are there. Our minimum service charge is 30 minutes. This means each call out removes a minimum 30 minutes from your pre-paid schedule.

After 30 minutes we base our schedule on the number of minutes we are there.


  • A 15 minute service will be charged at 30 minutes
  • A 25 minute service will be charged at 30 minutes
  • A 40 minute service will be charged at 40 minutes.

Remember you have pre-paid by subscribing and the above “charges” are taken from your pre-paid account. There is no extra to pay for our service. Your only additional cost is for items we need to purchase (Tap washer, Light globe, etc) and for services provided by third party providers.