Home & Pet Minding

home-petIf you are going away for a week or 2 you may be in need of someone to feed the family Pets or look after the property while you are away. You might be expecting a rental inspection or a Tradie to turn up. Maybe you are expecting a package to be delivered and forgot you will be away when it arrives.

We can:

  • Collect Mail/Junk Mail
  • Put Wheelie Bins out/in etc
  • Feed pets, Move Lawn Cages etc.
  • Ensure yard is secure and pets are safe
  • Arrange for the Lawn to be mown
  • Inspect property after a storm to ensure building is secure and no yard damage

This list is not exhaustive but gives an idea of the types of services we can offer under this category. Click “Subscribe” above to register. You may choose to subscribe to this service only for the time you are away and cancel subscription when you return. You may work interstate on a regular basis and want someone to mind your home on an ongoing basis or you may have subscribed to our services for other reasons and just want us to apply this category while you are away.

The only Subscription package you will need to subscribe separately to is the Home Business Assist package. All other categories are covered under a single subscription.